2 februari as: OpenCoffee Den Haag Monthly Meetup, thema “How to convince an investor”

Keith WallaceWednesday next week, the 2nd of February, De Investeerdersclub will speak @ OpenCoffee Den Haag Monthly Meetup about ‘how to convince an investor.

Check this link for more information and subscription.


We’ll need the coffee, cause it starts @ 9.00 AM!

Topics of this early moning!

  • tips and tricks to get an investor’s attention 
  • a more formal explanation on informal investment
  • a short pitch training and pitch round

The presentation + short (free!) workshop will last about an hour and will start 9h30 sharp. The presentation will be in English as that’s Keith’s first language – however the interaction can be both in Dutch and English.

You come to the workshop with an idea for a business: it can be a real plan you’re working on, or a hypothetical business (in case you just want to learn from the workshop). Please prepare your plan with the Plan Cruncher, http://www.plancrunch…. The Plan Cruncher in itself is a good exercise to prepare a pitch for a potential investor. Follow the steps and you’ll end up with a one-page schema summarizing your situation. Keith will use this to get a quick overview of your business.

As the workshop will be an exercise in convincing investors, it’s important to think about your strengths as an entrepreneur and what you have to offer an investor.

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