Serial Column (HOPE): Sander Waterval – a true entrepreneur?

Sander Waterval - serial column

Sander Waterval - serial column

A serial column for HOPE on entrepreneurship, investment and fun by Keith Wallace. An introduction.

Entrepreneurs, Business People – call them what you like.

Are they born or is there a special breed of man who is predestined to be take on this role?

It’s a big question: perhaps one of the greatest of the new milennium. Europe’s universities are pumping out business administration graduates like they are going out of fashion, but do they make a difference?  Can they increase our economic activity to halt the decline of Europe’s trading position against our global rivals?

Further, can informal investment play a role in bolstering these plucky individuals?

Many questions.  But do we have answers? The best I can offer is a subjective journey, a series of dialogues looks to entrepreneurship, education, success, failure and investment.

They centre round two people; and one company.

One, Sander Waterval, Rotterdammer, founder of MoCo, entrepreneur, investee. 22 employees, and moving to a new phase of his business life.

Two, Keith Wallace, Haagenaar, founder of De Investeerders Club, involved in Dutch Informal investment for over ten years.


Mobile Communications (MoCo) – a Rotterdam incorporated group of companies, housing three fast growth telecommunications companies. The organisation targets vertical markets, such as education, health and logistics.  It currently has 22 people and is recognised by the ministry of economic affairs as ‘ High Growth’ leader – with ambitions to grow the turnover from roughly €4M to €20 million turnover.

We’re friends.  Have done business together.  And have an amount of mutual respect that allows for a frank exchange. I’m even a customer of MoCo.  And he starts the tale!

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